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A Place Like No Other

UAA Planetarium
UAA Planetarium
Friday, Apr 21, 2023 at 6:30 PM (AK)

Alaska is a place like no other. For many people a trip to Alaska is a life-long dream. For the people who live here, they depend on and protect an enduring way of life. But there are places in our state so remote, so wild, that few Alaskans have ever gone. Here in the planetarium we're going to take you to these places, to remote wilderness to see iconic animals and landscapes that define the Last Frontier, places that make Alaska...Alaska.

"A Place Like No Other" takes you all over the state to experience Alaska in a way few ever will. In addition to the animals of Round Island, you'll learn about polar bears, salmon, and other iconic Alaska species. You'll also learn about the roles these animals play in the lives of Alaskans. As the climate changes in the Arctic, scientists are studying how our state is being affected, and what the future holds. In this show you'll meet some of the people working to protect our way of life.

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